2022 2nd International Conference on Information Technology and Intelligent Control (CITIC 2022)
Prof. Shuai Su

Personal Webhttp://faculty.bjtu.edu.cn/9081/

Speech title: Application of the Intelligent control technologies in railway systems

The largest subway and high-speed rail network in the world are operated in China. As the brain and central nerve of the railway system, the train operation control system plays an important role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of train operation. After years of research, Chinese train control system has basically realized the automatic driving of trains in high-speed railway and subway. In addition, It has realized driverless and automatic operation of trains in the whole time, space and area in subway. Combined with the development of new-generation artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other enabling technologies, intelligent operation control of railway is an important development direction in the future. From the perspectives of intelligent train dispatching and intelligent driving optimization control, this presentation will introduce the application of deep learning, reinforcement learning, knowledge graph and other information and intelligent control technologies in railway, and explores the technological development of intelligent railway systems in the future.